Work, Art and Money

I have always been an artist.  I have always enjoyed working with my hands.  I come from a working class, blue collar family that values hard work, medical insurance and a stable income.  I consider myself scrappy.  Yes, I am smart, I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s but the pretentious, professionalism of academia has always seemed a bit fake to me.  The post college limbo of “what do I do with my bachelor’s in literature?” led me to get an entry level job in a library and to make crafts on the side for 8 years.  I started out with sewing and would throw a blanket right on the sidewalk during the art event First Fridays in Philadelphia.  I created an online shop on Etsy and sold my bags.  Later, creating hand stenciled tshirts.

Eventually, the emphasis from my family on a stable income got the better of me and I decided to go for my Masters of Library Science.  Graduating in summer of 2014, degree in hand, ten years of library experience and four unpaid internships later (including one at the Smithsonian American History Museum), I still do not have a Librarian job.  I am picky.  I do not want to be a children’s librarian, I want to find a job whose skills more closely align with the skills on my resume.  It has been a struggle and it seems as though I have to be willing to do anything and move anywhere.

Now, I feel as though I wasted my time going to college.  It has not paid off for me.  It seems to be almost as much work as being an artist – my true calling.  My number one passion is art.  I have done: sewing, stenciling, drawing, painting, music (clarinet, singing, composition), poetry, and ceramics.

I have been creating functional and sculptural pottery for the past year and a half.  I am selling online, etsy, and at craft fairs.  I created an art installation with my dear friend.  I hope to keep going down this path.  I can only hope that the universe opens opportunities for me in the art world.  Here I go.