About the Art


I am fascinated by the two distinct categories in which clay operates: as functional and sculptural.  I enjoy probing at and questioning this divide as well as the value and, historically, gendered divide between fine arts and crafts.  When do ceramics transition from craft to fine art and what is the meaning of this difference?  I strive to create vessels that build a bridge between and are a blend of functional and sculptural elements.

My inspirations are varied.  I enjoy the absurdity of the Dadaists, using humor in my work to disturb viewers’ expectations.  When exploring texture, I am drawn to the form and design of ocean life and translate this into functional pottery.  History is a passion of mine and I often use historical imagery to decorate my pottery.  Renaissance woodcuts, art nouveau motifs and Victorian illustrations often adorn my work.  As a Librarian, I work with rare books and discover beautiful historical designs.  Using the sgraffito and mashima techniques, as well as painting, I create layers of underglazes and wax resist, carving images and inlaying color, decorating my pieces at the leatherhard stage with historical designs and motifs.

This ornamentation is how I explore the value of beauty.  Historical ceramics were especially aesthetically pleasing but only available to those of a certain class.  My work seeks to question the loss of artistry in the everyday functional items, and, consequently, the price of aesthetic.