jhjIMG_4747Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA, Lindsay earned her BA in English, with an emphasis on poetry, in 2005 from Temple University in Philadelphia.  During her undergraduate career, she took several studio art courses including drawing, painting, sewing and photography.

Though her academic career wasn’t specifically focused on art, Lindsay has always been an artist.  Her innate passion to create is constant.  Mainly self taught, she started sewing bags and selling them on the street at a monthly art event.  Later, she started a tshirt company and sold shirts on Etsy, at craft fairs and several stores throughout the US.  After moving to Minneapolis, MN in 2006 Lindsay became a performance artist.  As a clarinetist and a singer, she has been involved with two musical projects which included releasing albums and writing film scores.

Lindsay’s primary artistic medium is ceramics.  Starting in the fall of 2014, she began taking courses in ceramics at a community education program.  After only one year of honing her skill, Lindsay was selected to create an art installation, in collaboration with another artist, for Made Here MN which included several of her ceramic sculptures.  Lindsay is excited about the functional and sculptural qualities of ceramic work and seeks to explore both realms.